Welcome to Akasha Healing

A safe space to uncover, accept, transform, re-align, integrate and find your flow.

We offer shamanic plant medicine ceremonies, retreats, yoga, conscious events & workshops, meditations, sound journeys, private ceremonies, conscious talks & gatherings, and microdosing.

We have walked thousands through the veils, hand in hand on our way home.

We serve from the depths of our hearts, and the purity of our souls.

Our purpose is to bring you to your own truth, power, heart and choosing of your big I AM presence, as we hold space in A New Earth.

About Karin Henn

Founder and Owner of Akasha Healing & Pachamama Yoga

Medicine Woman, Sacred Medicine Singer, Cacao Kuchina, Yogi, New Earth Warrior

There are 3 things that drive me on a constant basis: service, music and love. And from these places I choose to serve.

I am a shamanic facilitator, but outside of ceremony space my work is with deep integration into our bodies.

Pachamama Yoga Studio is a space to help us find the keys without medicine. Using movement as medicine. Learning how to be fully present in our vessels and in our lives. Taking all this beautiful conscious work we are doing and learning to embody and integrate it.

Akasha Healing was created from a very direct concept my precious daughter placed within my consciousness while she was brewing in my womb. Akasha, my daughter – directing me to create a space where the people can gather, can grow, can break and re-create, can change, can learn to love and co-exist, a space where New Earth can have warriors shining light for the shift in consciousness. Where we can serve from our hearts and without doctrine. Where the plants and highest aspects of ourselves can guide us, where Great Mystery can reveal itself, where we can align to our greatest purpose. Where our hearts can be left open.

It’s the greatest honour for me to have the opportunity to serve within this lifetime again. I am not here to heal you, but to sit next to you as you heal yourself. Or find that there is nothing to heal, but just to love.

With grace, honour and deepest gratitude, I welcome you to our tribe.

About Christopher Behrens

Medicine Man, Fire & Sacred Music Performer, Shamanic Facilitator

Christopher leads most of our sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

He holds our Changa, Huachuma, Ayahuasca, Soma and private ceremony spaces. As well as other workshops like The Therapy of Dreamcatcher Making and Meditation for Beginners.

His absolute devotion to this path and to being of service is incredible to witness. He is a channel of Light and brings balance, courage, strength, love and protection to every space he holds.

“I shall forever remain the student, to all I come in contact with and all who share this journey with me. You are all my teachers as well as the plants and the spirits working through these plants. I feel that being part of a spiritual community that there is a mission, a responsibility, to awaken those whose time has come to awaken; and to all energetically lift the shadow of fear off of mankind together.”