Healing Sessions

These are spaces for counseling, integration and further exploration of your own consciousness and healing journey.

We cannot heal you, you can only heal yourself. What we offer, is a powerful space where we hold space for all of your aspects to unfold and awaken, for you to find your own truth and voice. For you to learn how to heal yourself and connect to your Highest Aspects.

We have two healers on board, who are absolutely incredible. We highly recommend making an appointment with either of them, to delve deeper into your own consciousness and divine path on this Earth.


Hollow Reed Healing ??⛰??

Hollow Reed Healing is the energetic, emotional and spiritual side of my practice.

My intention for this work is to create a world of wonder, compassion and forgiveness by empowering, witnessing and allowing beauty and healing.

What I offer: *Chakra Balancing ?*Aura cleansing * Space cleansing *Journey work ( going within to find your own answers) *Meditations: one on one and group meditations??‍♂️???‍♀️ * Spiritual mentorship ⛰??

Chakra Balancing ???⛰

Working with the chakras to bring about balance, healing and empowerment .

Benefits of chakra balancing:

??* Self confidence: going for the things in life you deserve * Trauma release: Leaving the past pains behind you* Relief from anxiety and depression: being in the moment* Positive outlook: seeing all the opportunities around you * Empowerment: find all your own answers and healing within yourself * Improved sleep and dreams: waking up before your alarm ready for the day* Divine connection: knowing you are supported and connected to a whole * Self love: allowing yourself to be all you are and can be.

The intention for these sessions are to empower you to be all you can be physically, emotionally and spiritually? ?⛰✨???Once for treatments: R500 Invoking personal transformation 5 treatments R2000

For Bookings or more info contact James: 0743692559


“I have always been deeply connected to spirit & have spent years training & studying many modalities with the yearning to always dive deeper into consciousness, child development, trauma release, healing of body,mind & spirit.”

Her training & qualifications include Human Resource management, Psychology, Montessori, Baby massage, Integrated learning therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Access Bars, Access body processes, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanism.

Cristalla is based in Benoni.

Her offerings include: CranioSacral Therapy, Integrated Learning Therapy & Assessment, Access Bars Therapy, Baby Massage, Access Body Processes, Access Vision Process, Infinity Key Readings & Healings, Aura & Chakra Balancing, Aura & Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Dragon Healing, Shamanic Healing, Guided Counselling & Life Coaching, Space Clearings, Distance Healings, Color Therapy & Readings.