Soma Microdosing

The use of plant medicines have been used for thousands of years to bring people enlightenment, connection and unity.

Psychedelics can be used to expand the number of states that the brain can get into, giving an individual cognitive flexibility.

There has been countless studies across the globe which have now began to show that
psylocybin can measurably help with a number of conditions such as
? Anxiety
? Depression and
? Addiction.

It does this by by-passing synoptic scarring caused by trauma of any kind, and fundamentally re-mapping neural pathways in the brain, so that firing neurons or thoughts can fire along un-hindered/healthy pathways.

Studies are now showing that microdosing (small amounts daily) is considerably
more effective than macrodosing (ceremonial dose) at remapping these neural pathways.

Up to 70% more effective.

Tech giants in silicon valley have admitted to using psylocybin microdosing to
improve their cognitive and problem solving abilities which has catapulted them to success.

These plants are powerful ways to assist us in the healing and connection of body, mind and soul ?????

R600 for 1 month microdosing kit
3 days on, 2 days off

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