Womb Boxes

Sacred Womb Boxes

My work with the Sacred feminine is some of my most passionate… THE WOMB DEEPENS box is a personal 7 day guided journey into your Sacred Feminine and Divine Wisdom.

They are deeply healing and clearing. For the woman healing miscarriage, fertility, sexual trauma and abuse, abortion, rage and blockages. They connect you to your Divine Feminine, your innate wisdom and your own inner voice. They heal the heart and the womb space.

The boxes include so many beautiful goodies and tools to use in your expansion and journey within yourself:

? IxCacao
? Salvia Divinorum Tea
? Lucid Dreaming Tea
? Yoni Egg
? Journal
? Geranium Self Blessing
? Quan Yin Meditation
? Bath Salts & Muti
? Kundalini Activation


Email karin@akashahealing.co.za to order ?‍♀️?