Akashic Retreats

Email me if you would like to join us or have more information on these transformative retreats into the Magaliesburg mountains, karin@akashahealing.co.za

This is a deeply safe, held space of Love and Self Discovery. A powerful journey of retreating into nature and working with sacred plant teachers and delving into the deepest aspects of ourselves ready to awaken.

What these weekends entail:

? Sacred Changa Ceremony

? San Pedro Mountain Medicine Journey

? Journey with Madre Ayahuasca

? Integration Circle

? Drumming & Sacred Fire

? Vinyasa Yoga Body Reintegration

? Beautiful accomodation in the mountains

Energy exchange is R3500 all inclusive.

This includes all plant based meals for the weekend. As well as working with sacred plants such as r’ape and sananga.

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