Huachuma Sacred Circle: River Hike

These sacred gatherings happen once a month, please connect with us for information on bookings.

A day of soaking up the sun while hiking and spending time by the river and waters. Delving deeply into ourselves with Father Plant San Pedro. ? Cactus of the Four Winds ?

San Pedro is a plant medicine of strength, transformation, healing and connection.

We will be calling in our spirit guides & spirit animals… Letting them reveal themselves and walk strongly with us, guiding us, protecting us, reminding us.

Working with the masculine part of ourselves, our dna, our driving force, our “doing”. How to walk here on earth as humans, fully conscious, being able to carry what we do in medicine, in our daily lives. A journey of integration.

“True to it’s name, the San Pedro cactus just might hold the key to unlocking the gates of heaven, right here on Earth.”

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Booking essential.

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