Crystals for Beginners: An Online Tutorial



This 45 minute video tutorial covers:

? Crystals, how to use them
? Building your own crystal grid with intention
? Cleansing of your crystals
? Connecting to and understanding your crystals
? Intuition
? What is the meaning of different crystals
? Using crystals for healing

I’m so excited to be sharing this as the first of many tutorials and online workshops we will be sharing.

We have decided to bring to video what we would usually share in our circles and workshops.
Videos you can rewatch as many times as you like ?

If you are interested in this beautiful online tutorial, all you have to do is pop me a mail to or whatsapp me on 0790261461 and I will send you a link to the video.

R100 energy exchange.

Payment can be made to:
Ms K Henn, Standard Bank, Centurion Branch: 002645, Account Number: 052580245. Ref:  YourName

There will also be follow up tutorials, for those keen to go even deeper into crystals 🙂  This will include a goodie bag being sent out with beautiful crystals, and a tutorial on how to use all the magic in your goodie bag.

This is such a beautiful journey that deepens constantly, so please do feel free to connect with me for any questions, advice or clarity you may be seeking 🙂

We look forward to a journey of sharing far and wide, these beautiful teachings ??


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